The #memefest installation is the meme of all memes. Memefest exists in the form of an installation which is completely dedicated to the behaviour of memes and memetics.

Memes are a common phenomenon on the internet but there is a lot more to the subject of memes. The science of memetics compares the meme to the gene and researches the way information patterns are reproduced from person to person. Memes are extremely versatile in achieving their goal of reproducing from one mind to the other. No matter the content, no matter the medium. Memes can be viewed as parasitic organisms who "hijack" our brain. This relentless way of reproduction has ensured the meme its place in our pop-culture but is also a much-discussed scientific subject. The #memefest installation tries to capture and show the fluid characteristics of the meme. To achieve this a variety of different media and techniques were used, all of them trying to capture the ability of going from fluid to solid and vice versa, just like a meme does.